All Tandem Skydivers must read, agree to, and e-sign this Tandem Skydive Waiver Form, as well as view the Tandem Skydive Waiver Video, prior to your arrival at the Skydive Center. You must include your Reservation Number and verifiable e-mail address to complete the waiver form.

This is a legal document. Seek expert advice as needed.

  • All Tandem Skydivers must complete the Tandem Skydive Waiver Form. and view the Tandem Skydive Waiver Video available online or at the Skydive center.
  • You Must be 18 years or older and have a valid ID. Valid ID Required, no exceptions.
  • You must obey all Airport rules and regulations while on Airport property. No Weapons, Alcohol, Drugs, Glass containers, Pets, unattended children or disruptive behavior.
  • Your group organizer will receive a confirmation call 48 hours prior to your jump. We must make contact or receive a reply to guarantee your reservation.
  • Plan to check in about 15-30 minutes early. Check ins later than your scheduled appointment time may result in delay of your skydive or rescheduling and forfeiture of your reservation deposit. Please call customer service prior to your appointment time if unexpected delays occur.
  • Actual jump times may be as long as four hours after your scheduled appointment time. We will do our best contact the group organizer via text and email of last minute weather, or other delays. Please check your contact information and/or with your group organizer regularly in the days and hours prior to your jump.
  • 240 lbs. max weight*. Certain body types less than the maximum weight still may not fit safely into the skydive equipment. If you have concerns please speak with customer service for more information. If anyone in your party weighs over 200 lbs., please Contact Us as soon as possible. An equipment pre-fitting appointment prior to your jump date may be required.
  • We fly two Tandem skydive passengers at a time in the aircraft. No exceptions.
  • No cameras phones or other objects are allowed on the aircraft that may fall during your jump. This is an FAA regulation!

The USPA offers skydiving information on safety, statistics and locations of member skydiving centers. We encourage you to research your chosen skydive center prior to purchasing your skydive adventure.