About Our Team

Your Local Skydiving Experts

Our Staff is a crew of locals who have taken thousands of folks from around the world skydiving, and have been Skydiving in Amelia Island and Jacksonville for over 10 years. Our Tandem Instructors are Certified by the USPA (United States Parachute Association) and have thousands of Tandem Skydives. They hold current FAA class 3 airmen medical certificates, can handle themselves in the sky. We are committed to a safe and enjoyable first time skydive!

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Dale Carter, Tandem Instructor

Dale Carter

Tandem Instructor

Made his first skydive in Waterboro, SC in 1999 and now holds a USPA Coach and Tandem Instructor Rating. He currently has 8,200 skydives, the majority being tandem. He enjoys being joy to first time jumpers and loves to be in the air. When he isn’t throwing himself out of airplanes he spends his time riding his Harley.

The Fortner Family, Owners

The Fortner Family


The Fortner Family business began in 1998 when Randy Fortner opened his first skydive center in Canon City, Colorado. His passion for the sport transferred to his children who began skydiving a few years later. Randy holds a Coach, Tandem, IAD, and Pro Rating and has over 10,000 skydives. Thomas Fortner holds a Coach, Coach Examiner, Tandem, IAD, and AFF Rating and has over 9,000 skydives. Kora Fortner is currently working on her Coach Ratings and has over 200 skydives. We love the sport and enjoy doing it as a family.


Kevin Valerio, Tandem Instructor

Kevin Valerio

Jump Master 

Starting skydiving in Deland, FL in 2003 and currently has over 5,000 skydives. He is a certified FAA Parachute Rigger and holds a USPA Coach and Tandem Instructor Rating. Kevin has been working at Skydive Amelia Island for 4 years. His favorite thing about skydiving is introducing others to the sport. He is the leader of th team and flys like the wind.

Warrin Fannin (aka Hauk), Pilot

Warrin Fannin aka Hauk


He is our chief pilot and has logged more than 1000 hours of flight time. Though he has no skydives yet, he enjoys watching customers facial expressions as they get ready to leave the airplane. When he isn’t flying jumpers he flies for the joy of it or likes to spend time fishing.


Derek Dykes, Parachute Packer

Derek Dykes 50/50

Parachute Packer

His first skydive took place at Keystone Heights, FL via static line progression back in 1995 when he was 18 years old. He has 600 skydives to his name and 9 base jumps. Derek is also a licensed massage therapist. On his days off he likes to kayak. Not sure about the 50/50…afraid to ask. lol

Tameka Lamug, Manifest

Tameka Lamug

Office Manager

Started working at Skydive Amelia Island in 2015 and has jumped 5 times. Her favorite thing to say is “ your needs are my to do’s” She is enthusiastic about her job and loves to see everyone leave with a smile and an experience of a lifetime. When she isn’t working she likes to spend her time with her two children at her favorite place in the world aka “the beach”.