Skydive Amelia Island!

North Florida's Only Ocean View Skydive Center

100% Guaranteed….or you don’t pay!

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Spring is Here ****Special**** 2 Skydivers $350.00

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  • Must be 18 with valid ID no exceptions.
  • Must sign Tandem Skydive Liability Form
  • Must view Tandem Skydive Liability Video
  • Must not be under the influence of drugs
  • Must weigh less than 245 lbs. Fee +200lb.
  • Must make reservation.


Enjoy your Video and Pictures in full HD here! They are a must for your first jump. Our instructors will be sure to capture the rush as you fall to earth! You can share them on FaceBook and YouTube the same day you skydive.


Our team has been Skydiving in Jacksonville Florida and Amelia Island near Fernandina Beach for over 10 years. All skydive instructors are members of the United States Parachute Association, and are committed to a safe and enjoyable first time skydive. These are the guys you can trust….

Amelia Island Skydive at the Beach

Amelia Island Ocean View Skydive

Have you ever dreamed of having the opportunity to skydive at the beach? What if we told you that at Skydive Amelia Island, we can make those dreams come true?

Our experienced team gives visitors young and old the experience of a lifetime – skydiving in Jacksonville, FL, overlooking Florida’s breathtaking beaches and stunning ocean views.

Whether you’re looking for something exhilarating to do over spring break or trying to cross off an item on your bucket list, Skydive Amelia Island is here to make it happen. So, are you ready to skydive at the beach? We sure are – meet you on the runway!


Tandem Skydiving Safety

The USPA ( is the governing body issuing licenses ratings and certifications to the civilian skydive community in the USA. As such, the USPA acts as the official liaison between skydiving communities and the Federal Aviation Administration (

Reasons to Skydive

Need some reasons to skydive before you decide to take the jump? Here's our top ten! Personal Achievement Skydiving is a great skill set to master for personal growth. Almost anyone can enjoy skydiving at some level. Some are content skydiving securely attached to a...