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Skydive Amelia Island is the place to go for skydiving in Jacksonville, FL. We offer tandem skydiving packages for one or two people. Your jump will feature a beautiful view of Florida’s finest beaches. Whether you’re braving it alone with the instructor, or dragging your best friend along, our USPA certified instructor will be with you every step of the way.

How awesome would it be to say that you finally conquered your fear of heights by going skydiving with your best friend? And if you want to relive your first jump, we have media packages available that capture the entire moment with HD videos and photos – definitely Instagram worthy!

Check out more information on each of our specific skydiving packages below, or schedule your jump right now!

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  • Sale! Skydive for 2

    Skydiving for Two

    $418.00 $350.00

    A Tandem Skydive for Two People is our best deal! With this tandem skydiving experience, you can enjoy the skydive with your partner, and save money. You’ll get to enjoy the breathtaking views of Florida’s beautiful beaches during your jump too – what more can you ask for? Not only can you rest easy knowing […]

  • Sale! Skydive for 1

    Tandem Skydiving Experience for One

    $249.00 $199.00

    A Tandem Skydive for One Person is a jump with the assistance of one of our certified USPA skydiving instructors – so don’t worry, you won’t be completely alone just yet! With countless jumps and years of experience, our staff’s skills are second to none. How often do you get the opportunity to skydive on […]

  • Sale! first class upgrade

    First Class Upgrade

    $229.00 $159.00

    INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: HD Media Package Priority Boarding Gift Package Free Baggage *Skydive not included

  • Sale! media pagckage

    HD Media Package

    $149.00 $129.00

    Ready to make the very most of your Skydive experience? With our HD Media Package, you can relive your jump over and over again with our professional videography! Includes 100+ High Definition JPG photos and a five minute High Definition video delivered to your device the same day as your jump.

  • Sale! boarding pass

    Priority Boarding (Includes Gift Package!)

    $99.00 $49.00

    Get the treatment you deserve on this trip of your lifetime! Save time with Priority Boarding for only $49. Puts you at the front of the line, your group will be the first to board the plane during your time slot. Don’t wait on this one – Limited availability.  

  • Sale! baggage fee

    Baggage Fee

    $39.00 $30.00

    Additional Fee for over 200 lbs in weight.

  • Sale! gift package

    Gift Package – T-shirt, Water Bottle & Bumper Sticker

    $29.00 $19.00

    Keep your memories with you with our Gift Package! Includes a T-shirt, Water Bottle & Bumper Sticker